Enduring made-to-measure machine casing

A modern machine casing is ergonomically matured, compliant with latest safety standards, adaptable to any operating conditions and is aesthetically pleasing.

Dekorative ANTARES-Logo-Initiale und Firmengebäude

ANTARES GmbH has been a specialist in developing, producing and installing protective coverings for machine and plant construction for 30 years by now.

What we supply fits and can be installed with little effort. This is a great advantage, especially when deadlines are tight. During production changeovers and refitting, which often take place during plant holidays or weekend work breaks, the scope for unforeseen reworking is very small. Commissioning and test runs, e.g., for hydraulics or pneumatics, can already take place at our factory in some cases. Therefore, we also strive for near-series production of individual items.

As a system supplier we offer you:

  • Functional guarantee
  • Quality guarantee
  • Deadline guarantee
  • Price guarantee

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ANTARES GmbH ist Partner bei Das Fertigungsnetzwerk

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